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A Winter's Tale

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Calendar iconPosted 18th Nov 2013

As we come to the end of another fantastic season, we thought we’d give you an exclusive sneak peek into what happens here at Beverley Holidays after the last holidaymaker has left.

For those who have visited our family-run holiday park in the past, you’ll no doubt recall the hive of activity that takes place here during the summer months. But what happens when winter sets in and we wave goodbye to our final quest?

Well, you might think the Beverley staff head off for a well-deserved holiday of their own (which we do), but the work still very much continues here at the holiday park. First up, Les and the rest of the Maintenance Team get to work ‘putting the caravans to bed’, which is holiday park speak for draining down the holiday homes so that the pipes don’t freeze over in the winter and carrying out any necessary repair work, among other things.

Then there’s the task of taking care of all the lovely flora and fauna that’s found throughout the park. From making sure our exotic palm trees and plants are well watered throughout winter to cutting the endless fields of grass, the Grounds Team can be found whizzing around on their tractor ensuring Beverley Holidays looks its best for the season ahead.

The lovely ladies in Reception on the other hand keep cosy in the office, taking calls and getting everyone booked up for another fantastic holiday at Beverley in the coming year. Plus, winter is also the perfect time for Julie and the rest of the Reception team to reflect on the many thank you cards and letters we receive throughout the season from happy holidaymakers.

And then there’s Beverley’s fabulous Entertainment Team. Once the summer is over, rehearsals for the next season get in full swing, with Chris and Simon often found in the Starlight Cabaret Bar coming up with ideas for exciting new shows to wow the crowds with in 2014. And trust us, if the rehearsals are anything to go by next season is set to be the best yet!

Last but not least, as our Oasis Centre is open all year round, it’s business as usual for our lifeguards. They get to escape winter in the tropical surrounds of the indoor pool, which sees a steady stream of swimmers eager to escape the cold with a dip in the hot tub. Having said that, every so often the Oasis staff have to brave the chilly climes to clean the outdoor pool, which in winter becomes a popular spot for a handful of cheeky seagulls.

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