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A word from Chris about this year's Entertainment

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Calendar iconPosted 21st Mar 2013

To all our friends on the world wide web, just to let you know whats going on this year…

‘Very busy rehearsing new shows. I must say, Derry, Tony and Steve have been working very hard. Oh yes! Steve. He is our new young member of the team… who is brill! He’s done acting at university plus… wait for it… he’s a great guitarist so I know you’ll make him fell very welcome this year.

Three new musicians join us. On Monday we have Jan on keyboards. Tuesday we’ve got Stilly and Seth who are fantastic rockers. Stilly being a great front-man. And, we’ve found a great new role for Tony this year: on Tuesday he’ll be rising to the heavens. Well I won’t say anymore about it, it’s a secret.

Also, don’t forget, we’re all looking forward to working with Roger this year.

See you all soon and kind regards,

Chris from our Entertainment Team.

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