Chris Shannon Art Exhibition

Chris Shannon, Art Exhibition

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Calendar iconPosted 17th Jan 2013

Chris, from our Entertainment’s team, is an avid photographer and digital artist when he’s not busy entertaining the crowds up on Beverley Park.

Chris Shannon Art Exhibition

Today, Nicola (pictured) and Claire popped over to Totnes and visited Chris at an art exhibition, where he’s displaying his own work. This was a first for Chris as he’s never exhibited his art before but by the reaction gained from onlookers, it has been a success!

Chris’ work is of outstanding beauty and skill, and much of his work is taken from different aspects of the English Riviera, as pictured above.

He will be at the art exhibition in Totnes until this Sunday (20th Jan) and would love it if you were to pay him a little visit.

For more info regarding Chris’ work, email him at:

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