Candy Reindeer

How To Make Candy Reindeer

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Calendar iconPosted 23rd Dec 2014

Last Christmas we told you all about the Snowman Soup that the Beverley elves made for a local Christmas fair… but we have yet to tell you about candy reindeer. The elves have been hard at work again this festive season making delicious candy reindeer.

These fab festive gifts are fun and easy to make with children. You will need: 2x candy canes, 1x brown pipe cleaner, 2x googly eyes, 1x small red pom pom, selotape and pva glue.

Step 1: First, match two candy canes of similar size and colour. Place them back to back so that each loop is pointing in the opposite direction. Secure them together near the top with a piece of selotape.

Step 2: Next, rap the brown pipe cleaner tightly around the selotape. Ensure that you tuck the ends of the pipe cleaner into a safe position where little fingers can’t get hurt.

Step 3: Now, place three dots pva glue onto one side in a triangle shape, pointing down. This is where the eyes and nose will go.

Step 4: Finally, glaze the backs of the googly eyes and a small part of the red pom pom nose with pva glue. Stick these onto your reindeer gently and hold each one down for 30 seconds.

This completes your magical candy reindeer, ready to give to someone special or keep as a treat for yourself.

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