Stormtrooper at Beverley Holidays

Stormtrooper Patrolling Beverley Holidays

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Calendar iconPosted 27th Jul 2015

This summer in a galaxy far, far away… (sorry, couldn’t resist) Beverley Holidays will be hosting one of the Galactic Empire’s famous Stormtroopers, courtesy of our good friends at Torquay Museum.

Stormtrooper patrolling the entrance

Jedi’s and young Padawans in training beware as he will be patrolling Beverley Holidays between 2-3pm every Tuesday during the summer holidays in search for anyone considered to be part of the Rebel Alliance.

Torquay Museum is well worth a visit this summer for the whole family, with the arrival of their fantastic Sci-Fi Exhibition – ‘Visions Of The Future’ being a must!

Original props and costumes can been seen as you walk around the space-aged room, from classic Sci-Fi TV shows and films including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Back To The future, Predator, Alien, 5th Element, and many more.

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