Beverley snow

The Night Before Christmas

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Calendar iconPosted 22nd Dec 2013


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all across Beverley Park,
not a soul was stirring amid the frosty pitch dark.

Except that is for eight reindeer and a very jolly soul,
all of which had travelled from a place called the North Pole.

Together they soared over the bright lights of Torbay,
where Santa loved to come to spend his holidays.

Just past Goodrington Sands they landed with a thud,
on a lovely Heron lodge complete with its own hot tub.

Santa gathered up some presents to put under the tree,
ready for some happy holidaymakers to wake up and see.

Next he headed to Reception to pick up a holiday booking form,
and then to the Oasis Club where he knew he could get warm.

He was way ahead of schedule so put on his festive trunks,
and headed to the tropical indoor pool for a very quick dunk.

Feeling refreshed he headed back to his magical sleigh,
and bid farewell to his favourite place to come for his holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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