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The very first post. What's this all about?

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Calendar iconPosted 17th Jan 2013

So, here we have the first post of our brand NEW blog ‘Life at Beverley Holidays’. (Thank you. Thank you.)

Different to our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, ‘Life at Beverley Holidays’ is somewhat of a fly-on-the-wall, big brother form of insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ area of Beverley Holidays. The expression ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ can be much applied as everything you will read on here will have come from one of the many members of the Beverley Holidays family, written from their own perspective.

We’ll still keep you aware of any offers and promotions and all the latest news and developments from us, but what we’ll also be telling you is… well, anything that we think will be of interest to you.

We treasure our guests, old ones and new, year upon year. We feel that our guests become part of our family and it is with that thought in mind as to why this blog has been created. So whether you are one of our touring and camping or lodge and caravan holidays customers we will endeavour to keep you updated with everything that is happening on the park.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts, whether it be from the likes of Debbie sat in Reception, Matt over at the Pool or Tony from the Entertainments team, I’m sure everyone will have something to say.

See you all very soon.

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