Humpback whale

Top 5 Marine Life In Torbay

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Calendar iconPosted 16th Mar 2017

This week we saw some amazing footage of a humpback whale breaching from the water off the South Devon coast. Usually only seen in the world’s greatest oceans, a visit from a mother humpback and her calf gave onlookers a rare treat and if you haven’t seen this, check out our Facebook page!

Humpback whale

What better time then to share with you our top 5 marine life that can be found in the shores of Torbay…



Torbay attracts a wide species of birds, both as residents and migrants passing through with spring and summer the busiest times. The largest colony of guillemots can be seen at Berry Head.

Grey seal

2. Grey Seals

Also known as the ‘Atlantic seal’, grey seals spends most of its time out at sea feeding on fish and can be distinguished from the common seal by its larger size and longer head. Grey seals prefer rocky beaches and can also be seen sticking their heads out of the water to watch their surroundings.

Basking sharks

3. Basking Sharks

The basking shark is the second largest fish in our oceans and are most commonly seen in the summer. These creatures can grow to be almost the size of a double decker bus in length but despite their size, basking sharks feed on plankton swimming back and forth with their enormous mouths wide open.


4. Harbour Porpoises

Harbour porpoises are frequent visitors to the sheltered waters of the Bay. They are difficult to spot and only tend to be seen in calm seas because of the small size of their dorsal fin. They are also quite shy and don’t interact with boats as much as dolphins might do.

Bottlenose dolphin

5. Bottlenose Dolphins

Usually found in small groups of up to 15, bottlenose dolphins are the most likely of dolphins to be seen from British shores. They are social animals are often seen jumping out of the water.

Have you had a close encounter with any of the amazing marine life that occupires the English Riviera? If so be sure to tag us in your photos using #BeverleyHolidays.

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