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Calendar iconPosted 14th Aug 2015

Torbay Velopark kindly invited our Digital Marketing Intern, Brad, down to try out their fantastic facilities which can be found just a short walk from Beverley Holidays. Here’s how Brad got on…

Torbay velopark

Having never tried any type of cycling other than having a mountain bike as a child and only really using it recreationally,  I was excited to have my first go on a road bike in a safe, traffic-free environment.

Torbay velopark

As I entered the Velopark I was greeted by helpful, friendly staff who explained the rules and regulations of the circuit. To put it briefly, keep to the left and let people overtake by doing so. This, similar to a road environment, allowed faster bikes to overtake by entering the right hand side space.

I was then shown to the equipment available to hire, a range of road bikes for tall and small, tricycles and trailers for those wanting to take their baby for a spin. As well as the bikes, safety equipment such as helmets were also available to hire.

After I was kitted up, I had my seat adjusted to the recommended height and I was ready to hit the 1.5km circuit.

Once I had mastered the gearing of the road bike I was given I was soon impressed by the speed I was able to get up to. The light frame mixed with the smooth tarmac of the track had me flying around the track then I ever thought was possible on a bike.

Torbay velopark

After completing a few more “relaxed” laps I was able to pull in and grab a bottle of water and head back out, this time pacing myself to complete a few more laps.

Torbay velopark

Overall, I was really impressed by the facilities, the price and the quality of service offered. I would definitely recommend a day down at Torbay’s Velopark situated just a short walk from Beverley Holidays.

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