Where Are They Now?

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Calendar iconPosted 28th Oct 2014

Here at Beverley Holidays, we love nothing more than hearing about holiday makers who have gone on to achieve super stardom.

Take comedian Alan Carr for example. Did you know that he holidayed with us for many years, always requesting the same caravan on each visit.

Well, we are delighted to share with you another success story. Meet Wayne Procter, a frequent Beverley Holidays guest since he was a boy who now tours the world in one of Britain’s top blue bands.

Chris Shannon from Beverley Holidays Entertainment Team recently met up with Wayne while on tour in the local area with this band King King.

Wayne reminisced on the many happy holiday memories he has from Beverley Holidays, and was delighted to see Chris who he had fondly watched on the drums during his many visits.

Like Chris, Wayne can now be found performing on the stage, with the blues superstar even voted the world’s best blues rock drummer for 3 years running  in a poll.

Chris Shannon said: “I’m so proud of what Wayne has achieved. To all those young aspiring musicians out there and staying with us here at Beverley Holidays, Wayne is proof that you can do it!”

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