Am I covered under the cancellation plan?

Of course – the cancellation plan covers the whole party up to the day before your holiday commences against cancellation due to:

A. Redundancy or jury service
B. Accident, injury, illness or death of a member of the party or close relation
C. Pregnancy of a member of the party or close relation

If you took out our Cancellation Plan at the time of booking and can provide us with an appropriate authoritative document to confirm the reason for cancellation, you will be entitled to a refund, less the cost of the cancellation plan.

Please call us on 01803 843887 if you need to discuss documents which qualify, and make sure you let us know, in writing by email or post, at least 24 hours before arrival, that you would like to cancel your booking. We are sorry, but we cannot allow the cancellation plan to be added more than 24 hours after the booking has been confirmed with deposit and it cannot be added to amended bookings.

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