(Coronavirus) Due to COVID-19, if I don’t want to arrive for my holiday can I get a refund?

No you wont get a refund but the following options are available to you.

Booked direct to arrive within the next 7 days…
We have made some unprecedented changes to our existing terms and conditions to provide you with the following options:

(a). Transfer your booking to later: in the season for any time on or after 4 July 2020 and within 12 months of your original arrival date with NO admin fees. You are able to book the same dates next year at the same price, with no extra cost. (Subject to availability. Price match for 2020 is for the same dates, subject to bank holiday changes. For other dates, if the cost of your new holiday is greater, we will do everything in our power to find the best possible price for your new dates. There is no hurry to pay the remaining balance as long as it’s paid 6 weeks before arrival).

(b). Transfer your booking to a holiday credit: which can be used for any stay within 12 months of your original arrival date with NO admin fees. You don’t have to confirm your dates immediately, but the credit will be there ready to be transferred as soon as you have some dates in mind, though this must be redeemed before 31 Dec 2020.

Booked direct to arrive in more than 7 days time and up until 3 July 2020…

If you are due to arrive in more than 7 days time and up until 3 July 2020, at the moment we would ask that you please bear with us, and rest assured that we will be contacting guests in priority of the closest arrival dates to take you through the next steps in relation to your stay. However, rest assured that you are covered for the value of your holiday to be taken at another time in 2020, or up to 12 months from your original date for the following:

(a). A member of the party, or close family relative living in the same household, are diagnosed with COVID-19 (proof needs to be supplied).
(b). The Government enforce a policy which results in you being unable to arrive for your holiday.
You are important to us, and we very much value your custom, and so we are also waiving any admin fee for this at this time.

Sadly, we can’t cover you if:

(a). You decide not to arrive for your holiday.

The following terms will apply:
We will require notice, in writing, at least 72 hours before your arrival date. If you choose a future holiday date that is cheaper than your initial booking, no refund of the difference will be given. If you choose a future holiday date which is more expensive than your initial booking, we will find you the best available deal, and arrange with you payment of the upgrade price, providing this is settled in full before your arrival date 6 weeks prior to your check-in day. Please note, this policy is in addition to our regular Cancellation Plan, which will continue to cover for other eventualities as noted within our full Terms and Conditions. www.beverley-holidays.co.uk/terms

Please note, if you have booked through another agency or through the newspaper promotion, please contact us to discuss the options for your booking.

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