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Beverley Holidays recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We will support climate change targets and contribute to a sustainable future. Climate change has a huge negative effect on health through air pollution, disease, extreme weather, food insecurity and pressures on mental health. We have included some of our wellness initiatives here where relevant. A healthy workforce will underpin a healthy green policy.

Policy Aims

We declare that we are committed to the environment and to our stakeholders (employees, holiday homeowners, holiday guests, leisure club members, shareholders, suppliers, all other visitors, our local communities and interested parties).

  • We will invest in green projects and use green grant funding or loans where possible
  • We will make every effort to prevent pollution, flooding and to continually improve our environmental performance
  • We will strive to keep our employees and our stakeholders safe
  • We will promote healthy working environments and working patterns for our employees
  • We will allow hybrid working wherever possible to reduce employee travel to work and will encourage the use of virtual meetings whenever possible
  • We will measure and endeavour to reduce our utility usage
  • We will promote our green ideas to our holiday guests and our holiday homeowners through our app
  • We will reduce our water usage whenever possible and look for ways to collect and re-use water
  • We will recycle whenever possible and encourage our holiday homeowners and guests to recycle to reduce waste to landfill
  • We will turn down the heat in our hire fleet when unoccupied to a frost setting only
  • We will continue to replace our diesel fleet with electric vehicles and equipment to reduce emissions and noise pollution
  • We will maintain speed limits on all our parks and monitor speeds in all our company owned vehicles
  • We will endeavour to reduce our usage of single use plastics
  • We will donate to local foodbanks if we have excess stock
  • We will donate our old computer equipment to local schools and our old furniture to local charities
  • We will buy locally whenever possible to reduce the mileage of goods travelled
  • We will promote vegetarian and vegan food choices on our menus to encourage a reduction in meat sold
  • We will monitor waste and take steps to reduce this though training and portion control
  • We will fit water saving devices in our hire fleet
  • We will install sensors in all areas whenever possible to reduce electricity for lighting areas not in use
  • We will consider solar lights on park wherever practical
  • We will replace traditional lighting with LED lights on our parks wherever practical
  • We will install low level lighting wherever possible to reduce light pollution
  • We will take every step possible to reduce journeys between parks
  • We will store chemicals and fuel safely to reduce the chance of pollution
  • We will balance the need to reduce chemicals with the importance of complying with the COSHH regulations whilst maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness
  • We will investigate ways to reduce chemicals and utilities for swimming pools, swim spas and hot tubs
  • We will cover our swimming pools and hot tubs to reduce heat loss and evaporation
  • We will maintain an eco-friendly temperature in our pools
  • We will purchase lodge hire fleet built to the residential standard BS 3632
  • We will encourage our guests to utilise the on site Beach Library to reduce waste


  • We will limit the use of pesticides and other toxic materials
  • We will endeavour to reduce the incidence of ants and other insects using non-toxic materials and other means
  • We use safe rodent control measures to protect our guests


  • All job descriptions will include the importance of the green policy to the company
  • We will require all departments to incorporate green initiatives in their departmental business plans
  • We will train staff about carbon literacy and train them to incorporate sustainability into day-to-day thinking
  • Customer preference for companies with sustainability commitments, will influence our choices
  • Our challenge is to make a significant change to our everyday management and ensure that every team member and stakeholder gives this the highest priority


  • We will regularly encourage recycling and other good practices among our holiday homeowners
  • We will provide adequate charging points for those with electric vehicles
  • We will communicate our green achievements to our holiday homeowners on a regular basis


  • We understand the importance of nature and the contribution that we can make
  • We will encourage wildlife on our park
  • We will allow some grass areas, to remain long to encourage wildlife and bees
  • We will mulch flower beds to reduce water use and evaporation
  • Trees are important to us because they are part of the ambiance of our park, also because of their carbon offsetting properties
  • We will sponsor the planting of a plant for every holiday home sold


  • We will take orders and job requests digitally to reduce the use of paper
  • We will only issue paper receipts when requested by a customer
  • We communicate with our stakeholders digitally to reduce the use of paper
  • We will continually review our working practices to reduce paper usage
  • We will reduce the amount of paper used and encourage digital communication instead within our offices, and when communicating with our stakeholders


  • We will report on utility consumption at our management meetings


  • We will review the policy periodically to ensure that it is kept up to date
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