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Explore the 4 Best Castles in Devon

Welcome to our enchanting journey through the captivating castles in Devon, where history comes alive amidst stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Join us as we embark on an immersive exploration of these 4 majestic fortresses, each adorned with intricate architecture and steeped in centuries of tales and legends. From the towering battlements of Dartmouth Castle to the elegant halls of Compton Castle, every corner offers a glimpse into the past, inviting visitors on a mesmerizing journey through time and heritage.

Discovering Powderham Castle: An Iconic Fortress of Devon

Embark on a voyage to Powderham Castle, an awe-inspiring stronghold nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Exe. With its grandiose architecture and rich history spanning over 600 years, Powderham Castle stands as a testament to the Earl of Devon’s legacy. Delve into its opulent interiors adorned with priceless artworks, and meander through its manicured gardens offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Castles in Devon

We recommend making this a full day trip as there’s a lot to do and see here, pack a lunch and have an amazing day out! Powderham Castle is open Sunday – Friday. 10am – 16:00.

Dartmouth Castle: Castles in Devon with Maritime Heritage

Our next stop of castles in Devon takes us to Dartmouth Castle, a formidable fortress perched majestically on the cliffs overlooking the Dart Estuary. Built in the 14th century to safeguard the bustling port of Dartmouth, this historic stronghold has witnessed England’s maritime prowess unfold. Explore its sturdy battlements and immerse yourself in its fascinating exhibitions, offering insights into its military past and commanding views of the azure waters below. If you are interested in Maritime Heritage, this is the perfect day out for you.

Dartmouth castle in devon

We love Dartmouth and would highly recommend that you take your time exploring the local shops and restaurants in the area, and if you’re looking for an event to attend while you’re there, there’s the Dartmouth Regatta 29 – 31 August 2024. Dartmouth Castle is open 10am – 5pm daily.

Okehampton Castle: Medieval Castles in Devon

Journey inland to Okehampton Castle, a hauntingly beautiful ruin nestled amidst the rolling hills of Dartmoor National Park. Dating back to the Norman conquest, this ancient fortress stands as a silent witness to centuries of tumultuous history. Wander through its atmospheric ruins, envisioning life within its walls during medieval times, and marvel at the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside. Okehampton Castle is a brilliant day out, with rolling green hills perfect for a picnic.

Okehampton Castles in Devon

We recommend visiting on a bright and sunny day for the best views. Okehampton Castle is open Thursday – Sunday. 10am – 5pm.

Compton Castle: Devon’s Tudor-Era Manor House

The last of the castles in Devon brings us to Compton Castle, a charming medieval manor house tucked away in the serene countryside near Paignton. Built in the 14th century by the Gilbert family, this picturesque castle boasts a rare Tudor-era mural and a magnificent Great Hall adorned with intricate wood carvings. Immerse yourself in its well-preserved interiors, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of its former inhabitants, and stroll through its enchanting gardens brimming with fragrant blooms.

Compton Castle in Devon

Compton Castle is open Tuesday – Thursday. 10:30am – 4pm. please be aware that you may need to update your SatNav to find Compton Castle, as older versions do not recognise the new South Devon Link Road.

Unraveling the Charms of Castles in Devon

As our captivating journey through the castles in Devon gracefully reaches its conclusion, we find ourselves utterly enchanted by the sheer beauty and profound historical significance embodied within these magnificent structures. From the majestic grandeur of Powderham Castle to the serene tranquility of Compton Castle, each fortress in Devon presents a distinctive window into the region’s opulent and varied heritage. Whether you’re an avid history buff, a nature aficionado, or merely yearning for a glimpse into the past, an excursion to Devon’s castles guarantees an incredible experience brimming with history, splendor, and marvel.

When you’re finished exploring all the castles in Devon, why not book a stay here at Beverley Holidays? We have amazing caravans and lodges available, and our site offers beautiful sea views across Torbay. Although our history isn’t quite as long as the castles on this list, we have been making memories for over 65 years! You can view our current offers here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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