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Meet Our Mental Health First Aiders

Here at Beverley Holidays, we are tackling mental health head-on with the introduction of our Mental Health First Aiders, a three-strong team who are breaking down the stigma and opening up conversations at our family-run holiday parks.

Although there is no legal obligation for Mental Health First Aid provision in the workplace, we are strong believers at Beverley Holidays that a happy team mean happy customers. And being a family-run business, we understand more than most the importance of looking out for one another which is why we have partnered up with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).

“Our Mental Health First Aiders are here to help any member of the team who might wish to reach out to them and have an open and honest conversation “

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Earlier this year, three members of our team underwent its’ mental health course, equipping them with the skills to manage our team’s well-being proactively and therefore minimise the impact of mental ill health within the workplace. The team members are Head of Sales Nikki Collings, Head of People Emma Carter and Head of Marketing Melanie Brook.

“Our Mental Health First Aiders will in turn help promote a mentally healthy environment, allowing people to thrive at our family-run parks

We are incredibly proud to call them Beverley Holidays’ very first Mental Health First Aiders, on hand to provide practical support around the subject of mental health at work. They are here to help any member of the team who might wish to reach out to them and have an open and honest conversation in confidence, while also being trained in how to spot signs of a range of mental health issues and guide a person to support for recovery.

It’s our belief that by ensuring you, our Beverley Team, feel safe and connected within the workplace that we will work better together and achieve great things as a result. By investing in a culture that places emphasis on people and not just profits, this will promote healthy performance throughout the company and allow individuals to reach their fullest potential. In order to achieve this, our Mental Health First Aiders have been trained to spot the early signs of an employee experiencing mental health issues, using the ‘Ask, Listen and Respond’ framework to open up affective conversations as part of our everyday activity.

Although they are not therapists, our Mental Health First Aiders have been given a deeper understanding of mental health thanks to their training and are an excellent first port of call for anyone who has concerns of this nature. As well as having the practical skills to spot triggers and signs of mental health issues, they are a great source of support who can help guide you on to other appropriate professionals to get you on the road to recovery.

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